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Reasons for Using Color Safe Conditioners There are many hair conditioner formulas and brands in the market. The many formulas and brands of hair conditioners make it challenging for customers to choose an appropriate conditioner for their hair. For instance, you might have heard of straightening, color safe, moisturizing, or smoothing conditioner formulas. But if you have colored your hair, then the color safe hair conditioner is the formula that you should use. When you color your hair, you have to realize that you will need unique hair products to care for your hair and maintain its sheen and hue without fading. Check out the highlights below to learn why color safe conditioners are ideal for your colored hair. Avoid Hair Discoloration.Prevent the Loss of Color from Your Hair. Regular hair conditioners have harsh chemicals that contain detergents with formulas of sulfates, which strip oil and dirt from your hair to give it a clean look. Even though the formula containing sulfate makes your hair ‘squeaky clean’ it also does more than just clean. The strong sulfate-based formula strips oils and dirt, and thus making your hair dry, and the stripped hair fades and becomes dull because it loses color molecules. If you desire to keep your hair’s color vivid and strong, you have to use gentle hair conditioners such as the color safe conditioners with no sulfate formula.
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In addition to discoloring your hair, common hair conditioner are harsh to your scalp and hair. Common sulfate-based hair conditioners removes the surface of the hair cuticle as well as oils and therefore; making the hair dry, dull, and easy to break. However, color safe conditioners are gentle to your scalp and hair. These products only remove dirt and oil without opening the pores and scrubbing into the cuticle. As such, the hair cuticle is not broken and color of the hair does not move out and cause the hair to fade in color. The sulfate containing conditioners, which are harsh to hair also affect the scalp by causing dry skin and skin breakouts. However, with the use of hair conditioners with a moisturizing capacity and no sulfates, the hair and skin can be protected from potential damage. Maintain the Health of Your Hair and Scalp Regular conditioners, which contain sulfate, can cause skin irritation, which increases skin problems and possible hair loss. If you have a delicate scalp or weak hair due to old age or by nature, it is safe to always use a sulfate free conditioner. Additionally, the color safe conditioners have ingredients that block ultra-violet radiation’s damage on hair. Therefore, if your colored hair is weak, it is ideal to choose the color safe conditioners for your hair treatment because the conditioner can protect your hair from the negative effects of ultra-violet radiation, hard water, and other harsh environmental factors that can spoil your hair.