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Quitting Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes Since smoking is a dangerous habit, most smokers are trying to quit smoking tobacco which is actually a bit hard for them to do. Due to this reason, most companies have been trying to come up smoking cessation products for those who want to quit smoking to use. Electronic cigarettes, nicotine patches as well as gums are the various kinds of nicotine products made to help smokers quit the habit. E-cigarettes are produced to look like real cigarettes though they don’t contain any amount of tobacco in them. While inhaling the cigarette, there is artificial smoke made from nicotine produced. These products are much safer than tobacco cigarettes since they don’t contain any carcinogen which is usually found in tobacco smoke making it harmful for passive smokers around the person smoking it. The nicotine that is contained in an electronic cigarette is usually found inside the nicotine cartridge. These cigarettes are battery powered and they contain an atomizer that changes the liquid nicotine into vapor that one inhales. Unlike gum or nicotine patches, inhaling nicotine gives the smoker a nicotine effect within a shorter period of time. There is a small LED light at the tip of the cigarette that glows orange once someone inhales the vapor thus simulating a regular tobacco cigarette. Full, half or minimal are the various nicotine strengths that the nicotine cartridges contain. Those who want to quit smoking can find this product effective as they can gradually reduce the nicotine strength until they quit smoking. An electronic cigarette is very beneficial as users get the nicotine hit faster as compared to other products. Smokers prefer inhaling smoke form an object that looks like a real cigarette which is why those who use nicotine patches and gums don’t quit the habit. Like all other products in the market, there are cheaper imitations of electronic cigarettes in the market that appear like the real ones. One should be careful enough to avoid them as they may be risky for one’s health as they haven’t been tested.
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Smokers who want to quit using tobacco cigarettes should use electronic cigarettes instead as they are a much healthier option. Since electronic cigarettes don’t emit any harmful or real smoke whatsoever, they are legal to smoke in public. Those smokers who are always tempted to smoke during an office or lunch break can always smoke these cigarettes without having to go outside. The fact that this cigarette is environmental friendly makes it very popular among most smokers in the market.
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As much as electronic cigarettes are much safer and healthier for smokers as compared to real cigarettes, the nicotine in them is quite addictive. This is why these products are more suitable for those people who want to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and not for beginners.