Cresta Shopping Centre

In the last few decades, the outlet mall has become a fixture on the landscape of many cities, towns, and metropolitan areas. If you’re shopping for vast things like beds, you would like to bring somebody with you who will facilitate in lifting moreover as transferral round the automobile to the stop whereas you finally end up on the purchases. The delightful Marina Mall on the breakwater has over 400 high-end outlets, whilst centrally located Abu Dhabi Mall retains its popularity with shoppers and has a busy bowling alley. Therefore, it is included here as an example showing how the shopping malls has been developing in Hong Kong. One of the biggest and the greatest mall of the world is the Mall of Dubai or Dubai mall

In the same decade, the real estate developers started to discover the huge potential and high efficiency of combing shopping malls with other programmes like residential housing, offices and hotels to make money. The Japanese brought to Hong Kong a new culture of consumption, with unprecedented enterprise culture, marketing strategies and shopping experience. More and more shopping malls are built in the last decade, with almost one new gigantic mall complete every year.

As a world renowned fashionista hub, you’ll find brand names galore in Hong Kong at addresses like The Landmark, Harbour City and Times Square – but it doesn’t end there; the better malls incorporate the full gamut of facilities including fast food, fine dining, massage, movie theatres, children’s activity centres – even ice skating!

Sitting on the shores of the marina, Dubai Marina Mall offers a casual family shopping experience. Moreover, a shopping center is typically located in a busy spot in a city or in a town. Our shopping malls portfolio has become world renowned for innovation within the shopping centre, retail, design and construction industries. Terranomics sold the shopping center to San Franscisco-based RREEF Asset Management in 1997. In some locations, there are all sorts of places and things to see that are built around shopping centers. This is the reason why most of the prominent malls in the urban centre are connected to the MTR network. Shopping malls used to meet people’s needs and act as a replacement of street lives and communities in the new towns. This mall has 290 retail stores with names like Macy’s Sears, Nordstrom, and Shirokiya among the few. These shopping malls were big and imbedded into the network of residential towers and traffic terminal in the podiums, footbridges and the ground mall

Because the malls exist ubiquitously in the city and are parts of the neighbourhood fabric, we basically have no choice but to visit them while carrying out different daily activities. Providing 7,000 parking spaces and 6 lanes road (CentralWorld Avenue) running around the Shopping mall