Haven Convention 2017 with Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a name that is gaining recognition everywhere. Believers want to follow his works and get to know the man personally. Their congregation has swelled with new members and converts recently. That has encouraged them to host the Haven Convention 2017 for believers. Find out the true meaning of the word of God with the young pastor. His ministry is respected and believed by many across the world over. That has attracted attention from followers throughout the world over too. People are waiting with anticipation for Haven Convention 2017 to unfold. That will be proof that his congregation is something special to behold in person.


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is ready to get people believing all over again. He wants to make Haven Convention 2017 something special for everyone. Get ready to follow his word and the true path to God. Believers will have a reason to attend in big numbers on the right day. Take photographs and discover why people choose Pastor Chris. He hopes that the convention will be a resounding success for everyone involved. That could drive interest in his prayer sessions and other important goals. Religious beliefs are very important to the young pastor in his daily life. Attend the event to get his perspective on why the world needs to believe all over again too.


Christ Embassy is renowned for its global work converting people to the religion. They had a major breakthrough while working throughout the country of Nigeria. People came to the event to see what was in store for believers. But they have branched out to assist believers throughout other countries in Africa. These believers even went to South Africa to convert people to that religion. That has helped raise awareness throughout Africa itself. Afterwards, Chris Oyakhilome went to the UK and Canada to popularize their religion. His followers have even made progress in the USA among people there too. That has resulted in a worldwide following for Chris Oyakhilome and his congregation.


Ministry is his most important goal during any meeting between believers. He wants to educate people on the bible and its message over time. That will cultivate a group of true believers who want to share the word. Haven Convention 2017 is sure to be a resounding success for all involved. People want to show their support in any way they can. Their attendance will boost the enrollment and keep the event going strong. The organizers want to encourage attendance among a growing group of people. They especially want to see young people and families who care about their religious beliefs in person. That will make a strong showing for Haven Convention 2017 in all.


Christ Embassy performs other works as a leading religious group as well. That will contribute to their ongoing legacy unlike any other religion. Pastor Chris hopes that his group will be one of the largest and most influential. Come to the event to help make that happen in person. That could bring together converts to show them why religion is important. Christ Embassy has showcased their works and wants to discuss the miracles they have witness. They understand that God is with them at all times as well. Haven Convention 2017 has the potential to dramatically change the lives of people for the better.