Heavy Equipment for Road Construction

Never seen the construction of highways around you? If so, surely you are not familiar with the presence of heavy equipment that helps the development process. Yellow heavy equipment was never absent from the beginning of manufacture to the process of finishing it. Well, for those of you who are new to the world of heavy equipment plus heavy equipment parts, determine the types of heavy equipment in the construction process can be confusing highway. In this article, we will provide an explanation of the stages of the manufacture of highway plus any heavy equipment needed.For Tools Information, you can visit buy bitumen emulsion tank.

asphalting nets, in the manufacture of the highway it certainly can not be separated from a lot of heavy equipment to participate. Every machine that has a different function in the operation. In addition to heavy equipment used qualified, also needed Spare Komatsu heavy equipment spare parts to meet the needs of a heavy equipment. Here are some of the heavy equipment used in the manufacture of paving and highway.you can produce it yourself with asphalt bitumen emulsion equipment.

Land used for roads to be cleared and leveled ascertained from trees and garbage. For this Excavator used heavy equipment to clear, dig up close soil.Use excavator is sometimes not enough to have just one, despite that in buying excavator should still budget. The goal, so the cost of production did not swell.

After cleaning the land to be used, it is time to do land leveling using bulldozers.

Tendem Roller
After trimming on the ground, the next stage is overlain material base which is a stone which is then leveled and compacted using a tandem roller. Alignment with roller tendem was made during overlay upper layer and the surface layer. At the moment the basic material overlay measurements with elevation urugan with theodolite tool. For this compaction process required a very heavy weight of tendem Roller, therefore usually added liquid (water or oil) on the cylinder is empty.

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Asphalt Finisher
Once the bottom layer is finished leveled and compacted, the next stage is the overlay of asphalt or asphalt is first heated and melted. For asphalt overlay, This uses heavy equipment called Asphalt Roller.

Double Drum Roller
After the asphalt overlaid it’s time to be leveled and compacted with heavy equipment double drum asphalt roller thus becomes solid.

Pneumatic Roller
Next is the finishing process by using a peneumatic roller, which serves as smoothing the way and as the end of the asphalt road construction.
That is a few steps and heavy equipment used to make the road as long as possible we do not know.