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US home shopping networks are finding success among Chinese consumers seeking safe, high-quality products. Home shopping networks in China have had a history of false product claims in advertising In recent years, several home shopping networks have started to recognize the Chinese consumer’s growing appreciation for honest feedback, quality customer service, and the desire for more experimental shopping.home shopping network

Janney Montgomery analyst Terry McEvoy observed in WWD: If he Diller has a freer hand, maybe he can take home shopping to the next level.” Analysts expected Diller to continue to improve programming at HSN and to develop the true value of the company.

The voice search works well, but it only works for Amazon content; in fact, if you’re in the Netflix app and search for a title, clicking on the results takes you out of Netflix and right back in to Amazon Instant Video, which might be confusing for new users.

I called today (Monday) and got an hour’s worth of run around from some idiot called E..c who kept repeating the nonsense that it was my fault because I had not given a unit number..never mind about the fact that I had been charged by HSN and purchased other items in the past from them AND that they had my phone number……….a very, very frustrating experience.home shopping network

To capitalize on this compulsive shopping instinct – shops display similar items alluringly side by side – making customers pick up what they want or desire rather than what they need being quite oblivious of the fact that one’s money is after all limited.home shopping network