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Voice Controlled Thermostats for the Physically Impaired and the Blind The modern appliance is a lot more convenient than their predecessors since now you no longer need to use your hand to operate it or to control it so even when both hands are full or while you are doing other tasks you are still able to operate and control it. This voice command device has the ability to control appliances or devices by means of the human voice. The technology of speech recognition in appliances is not really a new one but from a technological perspective, it has undergone several major innovations. The term voice recognition or speaker identification refers to identifying the speaker, rather than what they are saying, the voice command however is a task of translating speech in systems that have been trained on a specific commands so that in total, the specific person’s voice can be used not only to authenticate or verify the identity of a speaker are part of a security process, it can also command specific action that has been programmed to the system to do a specific task. This technology in modern appliances is able to benefit those who are physically impaired especially the blind people. So now, even if one is handicapped they can live independently if their appliances that are set up to respond to verbal instructions especially when it comes to room temperature. So even without going anywhere, one is able to control or change temperature in the room immediately.
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Yes, it is true that we should not leave the physically impaired and the blind all by themselves, but with these voice controlled appliances, a caretaker can leave them to their own comfortable choices without being called to do it for them.
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With talking temperature and control, many of the physically impaired and blind can have a greater sense of independence and with this also you can attain to great savings when it comes to your electric bills. Nearly all disabled person who find it stringent to take a physical action to correct the room temperature which is too cold would rather get hold of providing warmth by grabbing an easy to reach blanket than having to get to all the trouble of moving toward the control switch board to lower the air-conditioning thermostat. Most often remote controls and misplaced and the physically impaired will not take the time to look for them and rather look for something warm. Even if there is remote control, and the blind person will still not be able to control the temperature which he cannot see. To have an accessible universal heating-cooling talking thermostat designed specifically for persons who are either blind or who are physically impaired and even those with low vision can be largely beneficial.