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Damage Hair Repair Remedies Sadly, hair can be easily damaged due to pollution, stress, bad diet, and many more other factors that can really damage beautiful hair. It is not entirely impossible to bring you beautiful hair back but it will take some time to make it completely like brand new. A lot of people who have damaged hair run straight to cosmetic and chemical products to repair their damaged hair. There are ways, however, that damaged hair can be repaired without wasting time and money. If you want to restore your hair to something beautiful again, try the home remedies given below. Vinegar is one of the best home remedies that can be used. Vinegar is cheap and you can always find it in your cupboard. Vinegar can actually help remove fungal action, remove dandruff, and can even also remove lice from the hair. But that is not all because vinegar can also actually clean your hair well and make it very shiny again. The reason for this is because vinegar is able to remove dead skin cells found in your scalp. Without dead skin in the scalp, your hair will be healthy and clean and it will also encourage hair growth. So if it is repairing damaged hair, try vinegar for a change. The second remedy you can use is egg. You might notice in some shampoo products that egg is used as an ingredient. If you apply egg on your scalp you will observe its healing powers. With the use of egg which contains many minerals, vitamins, and protein, it can help nourish your hair and bring back its lost shine and richness. Also, egg is like a shampoo and conditioner in one. Egg does not only clean and make your hair look shiny, but it can give your hair extra bounce and softness to make it look more beautiful.
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Lemon is another remedy you can use. Lemon is a simple and wonderful remedy for your hair problems. This fruit can really, really solve a host of hair problems like dull and lifeless hair, dandruff, lice, and fungal infections in the scalp. Lemon helps to soften hair so with several uses of it you hair will be smooth and shining. The other things lemon can do for your hair is clean away the dirt and grime and add freshness and a shine to your hair.
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If you find your hair getting damaged from exposure to pollution, the instead of going to the store to look for cosmetic and chemical products sold for this purpose, you should first try the natural solution to hair problems which is by the use of vinegar, eggs, or lemon, things that you can find in your home or if not, things you can buy for a cheap price in the market place.