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Cremation Diamonds – What You Should Be Aware Of They say that diamond is forever and it is usually regarded as a girl’s best friend. However, it can be a mother’s, father’s or grandmother’s friend also owing to cremation ashes diamonds. These are a new memorial preference where the memories of the loved ones who have died are kept with such longevity. They are also recognized as memorial diamonds, the type of jewelry generated from cremated human remains under the high heat and pressure resembling the conditions within the earth. When you want to consider this option for yourself or your loved ones, here are the things that you ought to know. As mentioned, cremation ashes diamonds are created by mimicking the deep within the earth conditions or using the process to generate synthetic diamonds. However, the naked eye cannot distinguish them easily from the naturally occurring diamonds. The process of making memorial diamonds starts with the extraction of carbon from cremated remains, which combines with another source of carbon, usually graphite. Then, the material is placed under intense heat and pressure that is like how the natural diamonds are created. You can have varying sizes of these diamonds if you consider the amount of time spent in the press in contrast to the amount of material used. Initially, cremation ashes diamonds are rough, but you can have the traditional shapes of gemstones depending on the cut. With regards to the color, there are many factors that influence it. Its hue can be significantly impacted by the trace metals and other elements. The color can be transformed if the deceased had artificial joints or plates, or he went through chemotherapy. When you want to color the stones, there are some companies that provide artificial means to attain your desired hue. You have to choose the cut that you want so it can be set into jewelry.
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Since diamonds are portable and enduring, they usually provide value and represent love. With memorial diamonds, some people can feel the comfort if they wear a small part of their loved ones day by day. It is also comforting to know that they have a piece of jewelry that will serve as a keepsake or heirloom.
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Frequently, memorial diamonds are a little expensive than the typical diamonds you can find in the market. Prices may start at around $3,000 while the larger stones can cost more. However, having cremation ashes diamonds must not be one of your financial investments, but consider it as a sentimental investment. Once you decide to create memorial diamonds, you must not think that you don’t have other memorial alternatives. You simply ought to have a small amount of the cremated remains of your loved ones in making the piece. You can still honor them if you scatter their ashes in a meaningful place, keep them in an urn or set them in a permanent resting place.