Practical and Helpful Tips: Sales

Why You Should Choose E-cigs Over Regular Tobacco Cigarettes Experiencing the benefits of one product may influence a consumer to switch brands. This is also the case for e-cigarettes. Most people interested in electronic cigarettes are currently smokers. You are more likely reading this piece to get more information about the advantages of electronic smoking. To understand why most traditional smokers are switching to e-cigarettes, read further. E-cigarettes don’t have a typical odor Traditional cigarettes are characterized by a specific odor The smell sticks to surfaces such as clothes and hair, and becomes a major source of annoyance. The bad smell is attributed to the burning of tar and chemicals in tobacco. E-cigarettes emit vapor instead of smoke, thus they do not have a distinctive smell. They vapor evaporates as soon as it leaves the e-cig.
Understanding Sales
E-cigs cost less than regular tobacco cigarettes
Figuring Out Sales
These days, cigarettes cost more than they used to. A packet of cigarettes sells at between $5 to $13. This is majorly as a result of rising costs of tobacco production and distribution. Additionally, high taxes are imposed on cigarettes. The average smoker is reported to spend not less than $270 every month on cigarettes, without including ash trays and lighters. On the other hand, e-cig users do not face this predicament. The cost of using e-cigarettes is about half that of traditional smoking. Cartomizers and batteries are the only things you need in subsequent months after purchasing the starter pack -they cost approximately $30. Advancements in technology are expected to reduce the cost of e-cigs. It is safer to use e-cigarettes Regular tobacco cigarettes have been identified as the main cause of fires in the world. In addition to burning tobacco, regular tobacco cigarettes can injure people and destroy property. E-cigs have no open flame that can cause a fire. This makes it safe for you and those around you. Well-being Traditional cigarettes and e-cigs may harm your health However, regular tobacco cigarettes pose several health hazards. Scientific research reports that traditional cigarettes put users at the risk of suffering several illnesses. These illnesses include osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, pneumonia, heart attack, throat cancer and lung cancer. Regular tobacco cigarettes consist of various chemical that can cause cancer. Most e-cig users have reported better health statuses after switching from traditional smoking of tobacco. Perception the society A huge part of the society views smoking negatively. This is due to the consequences upon health, unpleasant odor and healthcare costs. There happens to be many checks as to where you can’t smoke and where you can. There have been instances where people have lost their jobs due to their smoking habits. E-cigs will help in elimination of similar social situations. E-cigs have proven to have more benefits over traditional cigarettes. Go to your closest e-cig store for an e-cig, instead of a tobacco cigarette.