The Key Elements of Great Wellness

How to Cleanse Your Mind and Body The process of healing is innate in us all and we must try to discover this natural healing process. There is but one source of healing power and that source alone can heal us. This healing power is called by many names such as the Life Principle, God, Life and Divine Love etc. The Omnipotent God dwells in your subconscious and through this we are able to respond to our thought and feelings. Overcoming conditions, certain circumstances and afflictions and at the same time receive healing, can be made in ourselves because of our subconscious. Any doctor, psychiatrist, surgeon, priest or even a psychiatrist is not able to heal anyone by themselves. The surgeon removing a blockage from your body, for example a tumor, is God’s own way of restoring you and healing your body. The removal of the mental blocks of patients by psychiatrists releases the Healing Presence of God and with the adoption of new mental attitude gives the patient their new beginning. The minister will request you to find forgiveness for yourself and others that may have caused you harm thereby letting the power of healing flow through your subconscious and erasing all the negative patterns stored in there and getting in tune with the infinite healing power. The source of all healing is the “Father” as called by Jesus and He is able to heal anything from our mental problems, emotional and physical. The subconscious mind has this miraculous healing power that can heal all our afflictions and impediments, if directed scientifically. The healing power transcends all race, color and creed. It does not care to what denomination or church you belong. The healing power of the mind know no bounds and is impersonal. Designations and other forms of respect for persons are invaluable to this healing power. It will always stay the same all the time. This prayer when repeated three to four times a day especially before sleep will bring healing to the mind. May the love, peace wisdom and harmony of God flood my heart and mind. God is Love and it is the truth I know, the truth I love and He will enwrap me with His Love. God’s gave me freedom because his river of peace floods my mind.
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Our body knows how to heal itself because of the miraculous healing power of our deeper mind, our subconscious. It is all knowing and heals our diseases. Now is the right time to accept healing and trust in it.Interesting Research on Wellness – What No One Ever Told You