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What You Need To Know About Nerium International If you want to have a real result on anti-aging products, well, there is a new product in the market today. And that is the Nerium International anti-aging products. But that’s not all as they also give you the opportunity to earn. There are some people still that don’t believe in these products. Some people have already been a member of the company because they believed in the product. The founder of Nerium International is Jeff Olson. The base of the company’s product is the Nerium Oleander which is said to have an anti-aging property. The Nerium age defying cream is the company’s flagship product. As of today, the only product that the company is selling is the Nerium AD. The company claims that it provides multiple solutions to your aging problem. On retail shops, you can buy a single bottle for $220.
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With the same product in the market, most of the MLM’s out there might look pretty much the same. In Nerium International, you may be bale o see some difference which can make them different from the rest of the MLM’s.
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For just 6 months into the operation, the company has been successful. If the younger generations would like to use their products, they can. This is due to the fact that the young ones are also caring for their skin. It is in 30 different countries that you will be able to purchase the product. The company wants to expand more. They are confident that their product is backed by science and research. They are also planning to release 8 more different products. The Nerium AD is the core of these 8 products that will be released soon. The next thing that we will be talking about is the company’s compensation plan. This is what they call as the real solutions. You will be able to get 10-20% commission on sales. You will be able to get team brand partners and by that, you will earn bonuses and commissions as well. Your brand partners will get the chance to purchase brand partner launch kit. The moment you are a brand partner, you can now buy the products at a wholesale price. Once you will become a brand partner, you will be given access to building your own team. Personal planners, brochures, and magazines will also be provided to you. A training set done by the founder himself will be provided to you. If you want to have more, you can also avail of their second package which is called the Success pack. Once you choose this package, you will be able to earn a lot faster. It will also provide yo with the chance to win a car. There are also other products that are up for grabs. The Premier Success pack is the one that you should get if you want more products included in your package.