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How is Hair Removal Done? This guide will explain everything you need to know about laser removal of permanent hair. Describe laser hair removal. Using laser light as a mode for removing unwanted body hair is laser hair removal. There is intense laser beam pulsation with the use of laser treatment that renders the hair follicle inactive. Laser can be used in the removal of hair in different parts of the body but you need to undergo multiple treatment sessions. These are the preparations when you undergo laser hair removal.
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Consultation is the first in the couple of things to do when preparing for laser hair removal. Consultation with an experienced dermatologist must be done prior to laser hair removal.
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Laser hair removal is done only when the dermatologist have assessed the suitability of your skin to the procedure and asked your medical history. There must be full disclosure of the risks and the benefits of the treatment option to give you the information you need in making a decision. The procedure on laser hair removal can only proceed when your complexion is natural in color and you are not taking or using the contraindicated medications. Before the scheduled date of treatment, be sure to shave the treatment area two to three days before. Laser hair removal treatment is effective when the hair in the target area is short. Carrying out the procedure on laser hair removal. Heating the hair follicles up to the point of rendering them inactive makes the laser hair removal treatment effective. Although one session of laser hair removal may affect a large number of hair follicles, subsequent sessions are required for the results to be visible because the differences in hair growth and length must be considered. The cause why multiple hair removal sessions are warranted is that they affect only hairs in stages of active growth. During your laser hair removal session, a hand held laser will be pressed by the Doctor to your skin and activate the beam light for a fraction of a second so that hair follicles are heated. Laser hair removal has undergone modifications like the attachment of cooling devices in some hand held lasers to minimize damage to skin. Does laser hair removal permanently removes my hair? Yes the process of laser hair removal is permanent because the hair follicles have been damaged and will no longer support hair growth. The follicles are unable to regenerate and hair will stop growing. It is noteworthy that the destruction of the hair follicles will not leave a mark or hole in the skin. A smooth surface will be left when the skin where the hair once grew closes. Permanent hair removal will be complete once the skin has closed.